Herrmans shine in dynamo bike light test

“A sensational performance that beats the more expensive competitors.”

The German biking magazine Aktiv Radfahren (1–2/2020) doesn’t hold back its praises for Herrmans dynamo bike lights MR4 and MR8 in a versatile test between self-powered front light models in three price categories. The methods and results of the test are presented in the article Let it shine! 21 front lights from 13,90 to 280 euros in comparison test, published in January 2020.

The lights were tested for six different properties: weight, haptics, luminous flux, light distribution, homogeneity and safety. The headlights were measured on the test bench for the technical values, i.e. brightness (lux), luminous flux (lumens), light color (Kelvin) and weight. The feel and details were assessed subjectively by the Aktiv Radfahren test crew.

“To ensure that all test lights are as comparable as possible, we carried out numerous tests at a speed of 20 km/h with a SON z8 hub dynamo.”

The Herrmans MR4 and MR8 were the only models in their price category to score top results in the homogeneity test. That means that the user will have a comfortable light with little difference between bright and dark areas of the road.

In the mid price category the Aktiv Radfahren test jury recommended the MR4:

”If you are looking for a really good light for a low price, this is the one. MR4 beats more expensive competitors in light distribution and homogeneity. THE surprise!”

The MR8 was the winner in the mid price category.

“For just 43 euros the MR8 offers top marks for illumination. When it comes to homogeneity and luminous flux it beats the more expensive models. One of the test crew’s favourites.”

H-Black MR4

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H-Black MR8

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Editor Sebastian Böhm summarizes the results on behalf of the test crew:

“In the mid class, up to 50 euros, Herrmans surprisingly scores with two headlights: the H-Black MR4 offers excellent performance for 30 euros. The test winner will be his somewhat more expensive brother MR8, who has a sensational performance and even beats the lights in the premium class up to 100 euros.”

The test results are very favourable for the Herrmans’ dynamo bike lights and Thorsten Krüger, Sales Manager Central Europe, is glad that the MR4 and MR8 get the appreciation they deserve.

“Aktiv Radfahren is the number one consumer magazine for German speaking bikers and a highly credible source of information. The test results will reach out to many customers, for example to those who want to upgrade their dynamo bike lights.”

He expected the MR8 to be a test winner, but he was a little surprised that the MR4 also beat competitors that are 15–25 euros more expensive.

It shows that the customer gets very good value for money when they buy our products

Herrmans didn’t have any product in the lowest price category. Thorsten Krüger explains why:

“No, because we don’t want to compromise with our quality demands. We don’t want to risk our brand with less durable products for a lower cost and we also take our environmental responsibility by not producing electronic trash.”

The MR4 is primarily used by leisure bikers who go for long rides on the weekends, while the MR8 is a favourite among commuter bikers.


H-Black MR4



H-Black MR8


“People who take their bikes to work, no matter what weather, depend on their equipment. They are very detailed in their demands, especially with safety and durability.”

Bike commuting is a growing movement. In many countries the infrastructure for bike commuting is constantly improving and the trend is supported by new and more advanced equipment for bikes. It is also getting more and more popular to take the bike instead of the car when going to work.

“There is a constant product development in the market for bike lights. In a not so distant future we will have automatic bike lights, high beam–low beam and curve lights like in modern cars. At the same time the performance of bike lights is improving, while the price is sinking. It’s a growing market and Herrmans will continue to be one of the leading companies in the development of future technologies for bike lights”, says Thorsten Krüger.

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