The increase in bicycle sales is a fact.

Biking is becoming more and more popular, both as a hobby and as a choice of commuting. Herrmans Bike Components has grown in a good pace the recent years and is continuing strong on the growing path, thanks to increased trust from customers in Europe and worldwide. The company develops both its organization and its capacity at the moment and makes several investments in the machine park to meet the increased demand in the market.

A new cobot cell is installed

The first investment is a new production unit for grip manufacturing, the second one is for components for front and rear lights and for brackets, and the third one represents a completely new concept for Herrmans – an automated cobot cell. This automated cobot cell will produce the new front-light family, Nordic, and in the near future also other lights. The cobot works together with the human hand to make a smooth and more efficient workflow.  The next step is that other frontlights are assembled already in the moulding step.

Karl-Gustav Henriksson, Technical Manager, next to the Cobot cell and newly produced frontlight Nordic Xtreme

Smaller investments are also made

For the second and third quarters there are still two more machines in the pipeline, more information about these will come. In addition to the bigger new arrivals, smaller investments are continuously being made to keep the machine park stable and representing the latest technology. The latest one being a new surface grinding machine. The purpose of this machine is to speed up service and development of the tools used in production.

”Bicycling has been increasing over the past years, and now with a new found speed. Our vision is to contribute to the biking movement with highly valued bicycle components and customer support. Now our customers need us, so we have set out to do whatever we can to improve availability and perform to our best availability”, says Production & Supply Director Andreas Wiklund.

Andreas Wiklund, Production & Supply Director and Harri Mäkinen, working with NPI & Trial run, standing next to one of the new investments