Meet Daniel Keleperas

What is it like working at Herrmans and who are the people behind our premium bike components?

Next in line is Daniel Keleperas, who joined Herrmans in May this year as a summer worker. He is such a great asset, so we decided to keep him onboard part time while he continues his studies. Here is what Daniel has to say about his job!

“Being a part of Herrmans’ story as well as a contributor to its vision, is what drew me to work at Herrmans. Working in the bicycle industry means that you play a part in a more sustainable way of traveling, commuting, and roaming. When you immerse yourself into that world, you realize that your job is way more than that. And Herrmans has the mindset and knows the around of it.

With their first-class clientele and collaborations, Herrmans has achieved being one of the leaders in the OEM bicycle industry, offering sustainable, top-of-the-range solutions that are revolutionary. Who wouldn’t want to contribute to that movement? When the chance was offered to me, I took it immediately without overthinking it.

The job position I was offered was that in the Sales Support team which meant immediate customer contact and engagement with all the departments in the company which for me meant maximum “friction” and a steep learning curve. I got involved and got responsibilities in the quality excellence team too, where we took care of customer complaints and turned them into opportunities to be better constantly and eventually grow sustainably. As a student, there is nothing more valuable than hands-on experience, and Herrmans knows that. Its people support your growth throughout your journey in the company and give you strong foundations for your long-term plans. That is how the environment is nurtured here in Herrmans.”

We’re grateful to have Daniel in our team, he has a heart for his colleagues, our customers, the company and the bike business. He is a quick learner, who often finds new takes on things, with a positive mindset to always find a solution for every challenge. Invaluable characteristics in a growing company!