New Sustainability Report for 2022


Our new sustainability report is out, and we are so happy to announce that our carbon footprint is now ZERO for scopes 1 and 2 at our plant in Sandsund, Finland!

We are changing our vehicle fleet to electric models, offsetting the small part that is still left until all vehicles are electric. This is an important milestone for future-proofing our business, making it more sustainable step by step, and part by part.

Our remaining emissions come from items in scope 3, which includes raw materials. We lowered the footprint in scope 3 also by 16% last year, so even though there are many things left to do, it’s a good step forward. Scope 3 is the main contributor for almost all manufacturing companies, and this is where we place our biggest efforts to reduce our footprint also in the future. Raw material research, recycling and waste reduction are therefore key topics for us.

You can read more about what has been done and what is planned for 2023 in the report, click here to read or download it!
Herrmans Sustainability Report 2022

Our sustainability team is happy to answer any questions you might have, for more information please contact:

Sari Noromies
Sustainability & Operational Excellence Developer
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