Nucore Colour Range

Get to know the full colour range of the Nucore Biobased Grip Series!

Herrmans Nucore Grip Range

Nucore Trail, Tour & Town grips come in two different patterns: the courageous Peak and the harmonious Wave, and we have chosen a colour palette to match their characteristics.

Worldclass ergonomics ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Biobased materials reduce the use of fossil-based plastic – by choosing Nucore, you also make the conscious choice to buy a grip that uses 25-30% less fossilbased plastic material, saving precious non-renewable resources from being extracted unnecessarily from the earth. The bioplastics we use are made exclusively from biomaterials that are grown on soil that is not fit for food production. 

You can learn more about the biobased material and the grip ergonomics on the Nucore starting page:

Nucore Trail

The first choice for winding paths and tracks.

errmans Nucore Trail AM range

Nucore Tour

The new mini-wing grip used for longer tours or for more support on your trail ride.

Herrmans Nucore Tour AM range

Nucore Town

Provides the most support for the hand, perfect for comfy rides out and about on town, or when touring from one town to the next.

Nucore Town grips are also available in black, grey and brown in shorter version for right hand Revoshift.