Nordic Carrier Plus

Beautiful light lines to keep you safe

Nordic Carrier Plus is the evolution of our popular H-Cargo rear light for carrier integration. It has been designed with a completely new modern Industrial look, matching the Nordic front light series, and fits well with the design trends in the bicycle market today. Influenced by the car industry, lines and shapes of lights create effectful appearances both to enhance the looks of the bike, but above all to keep the rider safe.

The housing of the Nordic Carrier Plus is made of recycled plastic, to bring the carbon footprint down. This 5 cd (candela) rear light with 60 cd sensor-controlled brake light feature wide side visibility to guarantee you will be seen in every condition. German type approval, Made in Finland.

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  • Sensor-controller brake light feature
  • Housing made of recycled plastic
  • Wide side visibility


Nominale Spannung (GS)6 - 48V
Leistungsverbrauch1,0 W rear light. 1,8 W brake light
Adapter elektrischer EingangPush in connector for cable ends
Anzahl LEDs52. Rear light mode 48, additionally 4 for brake light
Optisches SystemOptical lens
BetriebsmodusRear light / brake light
MontagemöglichkeitenCarrier integration
SalznebelISO 9227 NSS 240H
Bauartgenehmigung (Beleuchtung)Germany (StVZO)
EMVEN 15194